Buying FAQs

Can you buy a motorhome to fit into a standard garage?

Motorhomes with an elevating roof usually fit into a standard garage - most manufacturers' websites specify each model's dimensions.

Are there any motorhomes with automatic gearboxes?

Some of the manufacturers of the vehicles upon which motorhomes are based offer some form of automatic transmission on some of their models. Contact your local motorhome dealer for more information.

I have not driven a motorhome before. Are there any special techniques I need to know?

Motorhomes are not difficult to drive, but if you have only ever driven small cars, you may feel you would benefit from some form of instruction. Both The Caravan Club and The Camping and Caravanning Club offer very good courses which quickly enable you to enjoy the delights of a motorhome Most motorhomes have power steering and a high driving position which gives excellent forward and sideways views in traffic However, always remember that motorhomes are generally taller than cars, so may not fit into all garages.

Are motorhomes suitable for disabled people?

Many disabled people and their carers find that motorhome vehicles can generally be adapted for their needs if, for example, a wheelchair is used. Ramps and lifts can be fitted and some other internal modifications can be carried out to adapt the vehicle, which, subject to an individual's eligibility, can be supplied without VAT. For more information, read the NCC Guide or see the Directgov website.

How can we try a motorhome out before we buy?

Motorhomes are often available to hire. Some dealers also operate a 'Try before you buy' scheme, where you can try the motorhome at little or no charge if you buy, or at an agreed rate if you don't.

Are motorhomes easy to drive?

Motorhomes are not difficult to drive, but if you feel that you would benefit from some instruction, both the consumer clubs offer very good courses - see the Caravan Club and The Camping and Caravanning Club websites for more information.

Why should I buy from an NCC Approved Motorhome Dealership?

To ensure you get a fair, open and honest deal and are well looked after. For more information go to the NCC Approved Motorhome Dealerships page on this site.