Buying Motorhomes

With a wealth of different models to choose from and plentiful information on finance and insurance, your needs should be easily catered for and you will be in the motorhome of your choice sooner than you think. To help you, we have listed the top ten tips to consider when buying a motorhome.

1. First decide what you most want to do in your motorhome:
Short distance touring in the UK or long distances abroad? Whatever you want to do, make sure your motorhome has been approved by the NCC and has the EN 1646 badge of approval

2. How much space will you need?
Do you want a very compact vehicle or do you need lots of space? Size does matter - how you use it, what you feel comfortable in, and what you feel confident driving.  Has it enough storage for your needs?  You can gain extra living space with an awning or motorhome annex. 

3. Are you going to use it to support a hobby or activity?
Make sure the vehicle has sufficient space and payload for any special equipment and the facilities needed for you to enjoy your activity.  Your dealer will advise you about the payload of the model of your choice.

4. Study the different types of motorhomes
Which type is going to give you the maximum flexibility? For example, if it will need to double as an everyday vehicle, you might like to consider a hi-top conversion. For longer trips a coachbuilt is likely to be better. See our guide to the different types.

5. Will you want to carry passengers?
If you do, make sure the vehicle you choose has a sufficient number of passenger seats, with seatbelts fitted, to legally accommodate the size of your party.

6. What on-board facilities do you want?
Motorhomes have superb specifications for their price.  If you are going to use the vehicle on parks that have facilities including shops, restaurants, shower blocks, electrical hook ups, etc., you may not need every piece of equipment on offer. If you're planning to travel off the beaten track, you will want more on-board.

7. What about engines and fuel-efficiency?
Most motorhomes use diesel and turbo diesel engines. With technology improving all the time, these engines are powerful, quiet and economical -  Petrol engine options are also available and some can be converted to run on LPG. 

8. Parking
Check whether you have room for the vehicle on your drive and enough headroom in the garage (a medium-sized motorhome could be 6m-7m long, 2.5m  wide, and 2.9m high).  If you don't have room, there are secure storage areas where caravans and motorhomes can be stored. The Caravan Storage Site Owners Association  has an official register of secure sites. 

9.  Join a Club
For access to parks, travel discounts and technical advice, it's worth joining one of the clubs - The Caravan Club and The Camping and Caravanning Club are the two biggest.  

10. Finally, make sure you get a good night's sleep!
Decide whether you want double or single beds and then check the manufacturer's literature for the dimensions. Remember also that ease of access to the bed is important. Most of important of all, for your peace of mind, buy from an NCC Approved Motorhome Dealership.