Legal FAQs

Do I need to insure my motorhome?

Your motorhome is a road going vehicle and needs to be insured to be used on the public roads. If you intend to keep your motorhome off the road for some time, you are strongly advised to maintain adequate cover for damage or theft. Some specialist insurers will provide 'laid-up' cover, or low mileage discounts. See the finance and insurance page for a list of NCC member insurance companies.

How many people can I take in a motorhome?

As this varies from vehicle to vehicle, the manufacturers specify the number of designated passenger seats for travelling, all of which will all have seat belts fitted. . Passengers should only use the designated passenger seats, as specified by the motorhome manufacturer, when the vehicle is being driven. Seatbelts in the rear of a motorhome, where fitted, must be worn.

Why is it important to not exceed the MAM (Maximum Allowable Mass)?

Overloading a car or motorhome can invalidate the insurance cover, the vehicle manufacturers terms of warranty and be in breach of the road traffic regulations, so it is important check that you do not overload the vehicle, or exceed the permitted axle weights.

How large a motorhome can I drive in the UK?

The biggest motorhome you can drive in Great Britain is 12m long and 2.55m wide. There is no height limit but if the motorhome is over 3m tall, the height must be on a notice visible to you as the driver. If you need to measure a vehicle, there are some parts that don't need to be included in your measurements. If you want to be sure, look for the NCC Badge of Approval, as that will confirm the vehicle is legal for use on UK roads. See details of the NCC certification scheme. More information about what is legal is also available on the Directgov website

What are the speed limits for motorhomes?

See the Safety and Security section of this web site and page 9 of the Department for Transport’s Know Your Limits publication.

Where can I get advice on the legal requirements for driving motorhomes abroad?

You are very strongly recommended to make enquiries from the tourist offices of the countries you intend to visit.

Can I tow with a motorhome?

Yes (possibly!), but with significant reservations as it is difficult to generalise. You will need to check very carefully the weights your vehicle can tow and you should have sight of the vehicle being towed, which is not possible from many models of motorhome. For driving licence requirements, see the Directgov website. For general advice on towing, read ‘The Caravan Towing Guide,’ published by the National Caravan Council. This offers guidance on correct towing techniques and explains the terminology. N.B. The laws on towed trailers vary significantly across Europe.