Seat belts in motorhomes


There have been a number of changes to the laws relating to the fitting and using of seatbelts in motorhomes.

  • Seat belts have been fitted to the front seats of motorhomes since legislation first required them to be fitted and it is mandatory to wear them.
  • In addition, motorhomes first registered on or after 20 October 2007 must have seat belts for forward and rearward facing seats. These seats must be designated as travelling seats and have a badge stating this. In a vehicle manufactured after this date, if a seat is not badged for travel you should not use it.
  • Many motorhomes registered before that date have seat belts fitted, Wherever these are fitted, they should be worn; this has been mandatory since April 2006.
  • EC Directive 2005/39/EC also states that travel in sideways-facing seats with a seat belt is unsafe and that from 20 October 2007, it will not be possible to travel in them in new motorhomes.

This legislation is not retrospective so vehicles registered before 20 October 2007 do not have to have seat belts fitted in the rear.

Please see the website for more seat belt information.